Peaceful Practice with Bernadette King
Photograph by B.King
Photograph by B. King
Photograph by B. King
Yoga, Massage and Reiki with Bernadette King


Here are a selection of testimonials from people who have attended Bernadette's courses and workshops. Quick links to testimonials from those attending the following:

Photo by B. King

Pregnancy Yoga classes

"The midwives were impressed with my positioning, control & calmness at the delivery stage...all in all a fantastic experience and all down to what I learnt at your class, as well as the self confidence it inspired in me & my partner.

Thank you so much for sharing your tips & techniques for labour. They enabled me to experience the best labour I could have dreamed of."

"Hi Bernadette, I wanted to let you know just how invaluable everything you taught me at your classes was for my labour - I really don't think I could have done it without you. Giving birth this time round has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life.

I managed to give birth to Wilma at home, completely naturally, in the birthing pool supported by my partner Luke and my incredible independent midwife I used the rectangle breathing throughout until I had to start pushing, right at the end of the seven hour labour in the early hours of new year's day. By managing the pain with the breathing I was able to relax, which in turn made the contractions more bearable and I was able to use a number of yoga positions and moves to give myself more room too, even right towards the end.

I made good use of the directional breathing too, especially towards the end when the baby was pushing right down on my sacrum. Now I understand why you always make such a big deal about pulling your sitting bones apart!

Do feel free to share my experience with the class. I had my first baby in hospital with no real preparation on my behalf and ended up with the textbook cascade of intervention that people warn about: epidural, forceps, stitches and a lovely hospital derived infection to boot. This time round, coming to your classes and practising several times a week at home gave me the tools and confidence I needed to have my baby on my own terms. A couple of hours after Wilma was born, we were all tucked up in our own bed drinking tea and eating toast. It was amazing."

"Great classes, with not only yoga but lots if useful practical advice"

"I was fortunate enough to meet Bernadette when I was expecting my daughter. Her knowledge, teaching methods and kindness helped me immensely during a pregnancy which could have been very stressful as I have already had three miscarriages. Her lessons are well structured yet very relaxed. Each participant receives advice ona one to one basis".

"Just wanting to announce the birth of my little girl and thank you for all the information - your yoga class is great, always enjoyed attending!

StellaI have given birth on Monday to Stella who came to the world weighing 3.09kg.

It was a natural delivery and I cannot thank you enough for all your great teaching. All I used was breathing, lots of visualisation, upright positions, hot shower and aromatherapy so lots of learning from yoga. No gas/air or other pain relief!

When I got to the birth centre I was fully dilated! I just had your words about opening in my mind all the time and your voice telling about creating space...Thank you for your class"


Breath & Space birth rehearsal workshops

Pregnancy Yoga classes / Birth Preparation

"Hi Berndette, I attended your pregnancy yoga classes at the Arches and also came to a birth prep day in Feb and I just wanted to let you know how I got on. We moved home to west wales at the end of Feb and our little boy came along on the 7th of April.

I carried on practising yoga using your Yoga in Pregnancy CD until I gave birth and I just wanted to say thank you for all the advice. I found the breathing technique really helped me to get through each contraction and I managed to stay calm and focused and probably tried every position you taught me which also really helped. I had a little difficulty at the end, maybe because I didnt have the will to do the perineum massage, but still managed to avoid any intervention or drugs.

Thanks again for all your advice and guidance, I think I woud have had a very different experience if it wasn't for your classes."
Ann and baby Rhys

"I've been on two of Bernadette's birth preparation workshops with my wife Jenni, and both have been invaluable!

When our son was born three years ago, we went into hospital feeling really prepared, as we'd had our final session the day before Jen's contractions started!

All the techniques (breathing, positional, massage) that we'd been shown in the workshops helped Jen stay calm, positive and in control, and they enabled her to get into natural, open birthing positions. As her partner, I felt better able to help and encourage Jen myself, without getting in the way. I breathed with her, massaged her feet and shoulders when necessary, and tried to help her stay strong mentally. The workshop gave me a great deal of mental strength, too.

I still tell people about Bernadette's brilliant breathing techniques - Simple but clever. The breathing exercises helped me a lot, too, stopped me from panicking, and I became much more aware of what was happening to Jenni, both physically and emotionally. Before our second child was born, seven months ago, we went on the birth preparation workshop again - it was a brilliant refresher course. Jenni gave birth to our daughter without any pain relief at all this time, and I firmly believe much of her strength came from the preparation we received in Bernadette's workshops – I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

"The birth preparation workshop gave me the confidence to feel that Tracy and I could take control of the labour experience and not rely soley on the hospital team. The exercises were fun and practical. They definitely helped. More importantly, the advise and support from Bernadette provided reassurance which helped us both relax and deal with the labour.  

The techniques to manage different stages of labour were very useful to Tracy and helped manage the transitions without the need to panic. The breathing exercises were especially helpful.

The workshop definetely made a difference when Tracy went into labour - I would recommend it to any couple preparing to give birth."

"When Sophie asked me to be there at the birth as a labour supporter, I said yes instantly. I had spoken at length with my sister about this and she filled me in on what my role will be, yet I still felt a little bewildered.

After attending the workshop, I felt much more relaxed and ready to support Sophie. Every stage of labour was explained in full detail which was easy to understand. It was all explained in a very clear and calm way, which helped to put me at ease.

The practical parts of the workshop were particularly useful for me, leaving me much more confident and ready. The information handed out was great. During the labour I was able to help with some of the massages and the breathing.

The whole process was very calm, I was amazed and very proud to be part of it."


Post natal recovery yoga for Mums and babies

"Thanks for your marvellous have been inspirational & probably done more for a happy, calm Daisy than anything."

"I am so glad I went to your mum & baby yoga course as I practice the movements I learned in the class with Arthur at home nearly every day. I believe the yoga really aided his physical development. One of the songs from the class, became a firm favourite. Even now, it stops his crying as soon as it's played, like magic. I am also so impressed with your talent to comfort several babies while simultaneously talking us through the mum's yoga exercises."

"I really enjoyed the yoga; it was a real opportunity to spend some relaxing time with Phoebe, and be in a supportive environment where it didn't matter if she cried or needed feeding."

"Thank you so much for an enlivening course and teaching more ways to communicate with my daughter."

"Attending mum and baby yoga gives you a really fun and enjoyable time with your baby. It gives mums the opportunity to relax and make new friends.  Babies really benefit from the gentle stretching exercises and games and enjoy the singing."
Catherine & AmeliaTop

Baby massage

"With the kind help of Bernadette, I was able to attend her classes with my twins.  Learning baby massage opened up a whole new way of enjoying, and calming my babies that I never could have imagined. My twins are now 1 year old and my little boy still melts in my hands when I start to apply the massage techniques I learnt with Bernadette"

Yoga classes

"I can never thank Bernadette enough for introducing me to Yoga. I started out thinking I would probably not last more than a week or two but the classes are the highlight of my week. Bernadette is and excellent teacher with a calm, tranquil nature. She teaches in a way that is supportive and intuitive to the body and I have found easy to incorporate the exercises into my everyday life.

I have so much more energy and my balance and flexibility have improved remarkably in a short space of time. I also find it easier to relax into life from day to day by keeping up the breathing techniques and gentle exercise."

 "I first met Bernadette several years ago when I attended her yoga classes at the Arches Leisure Centre in Greenwich. At that time, I was experiencing a number of health problems relating to my vegetarian diet and the fact that I was caring for my mum who has Alzheimer’s disease. Bernadette’s classes were a sanctuary for me as they gave me a space to ‘recover’ both mentally and physically, and to find spiritual happiness. Later I went into full-time employment and like anyone with an addictive nature, because I couldn’t attend all of Bernadette’s classes, I didn’t attend any!

More recently, I have been searching for a space in which to find inner peace, along with good mental and physical health – I am still caring for my mum and I have been incredibly stressed. I tried to think of when and where I have been most happy and my thoughts returned to Bernadette’s yoga classes. After a bit of research, happily I found out about Bernadette’s yoga course at the Yogi Tree so I immediately signed up.

My reason for wanting to return to Bernadette’s yoga classes specifically is because I achieved inner harmony and spiritual awareness, my concentration, and memory improved significantly and my physical and mental health improved to the point where I had never felt so good. Since rejoining Bernadette’s classes I have already begun to feel better and believe, no I know, I am on the road to recovery. Bless her.

Bernadette practices what she preaches so to speak, so when she asks you about your health and injuries she is always mindful of what she has learned about you and adjusts your practice accordingly. Relaxation means relaxation. Moreover, her wealth of experience in yoga and complementary therapies means that your experience will be both peaceful and positive.

Joining Bernadette’s yoga class is the kindest thing I have done for myself. Why don’t you do the same?"


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