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Amber teething necklaces & bracelets

Amber necklaces & bracelets

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Necklaces £10.50
Bracelets/Anklets £8

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Peaceful Practice provides a range of yoga equipment, CDs and birthing kits.

Postage is not included.

Postage for smaller items such as CDs is £1.50
and for balls & mats is £4.95


Yoga mats

Yoga matHigh quality, Warrior mat. 5mm thick. Machine washable on a cool wash.

Size: 183cm x 61cm.

Price: £20 + P&P


Yoga blocks

Yoga blocksCan be used  in a variety of ways to offer support in seated postures, iincluding twists, and in combination during certain inverted postures.

One piece non-toxic, scratch-resistant first grade EVA foam with 3mm chamfered edges.

Size: 305mm x 205mm x 50mm

Colour: Blue

Price: £5.50 + P&P


Amber necklace & bracelets/anklets

Amber teething necklaces & bracelets

Success with amber

Amber necklace“I’d read a lot of information about Amber necklaces on the internet and I’d also heard other Mums speak positively about them so I thought I’d give it a go.

The necklaces that Bernadette has are really nice and well made, each stone has a knot in between it so if it was to break the stones wouldn’t come off."

The necklaces, anklets and bracelets are not for chewing or wearing at night. The necklaces / anklets are suitable to be worn during the day by babies from 3-4 months of age and it is never too late for children to start to wear them.

The image above show a range of amber anklets in a wide variety of colours.

The necklaces are about 11.5"-12.5" (29cm-32cm) in length.

The anklets/bracelets are 5.5" - 6" (14cm-15.5cm).

They each have a threaded amber clasp and they are knotted between each bead, for extra safety. They are made from the highest grade of 100% Baltic amber. No two beads or necklaces are exactly alike.

The word amber is derived from the old Arabic word "ambar." The Greek for amber is elektron.Amber is not a mineral or gemstone, but a fossilised sap from prehistoric trees, which grew as long as 50million years ago.


Necklaces £10.50 + P&P

Bracelets/Anklets £8 + P&P

All the feedback received from parents has been positive.

The image below show necklaces which are raw amber. The darker shade is raw sea amber.

Amber necklaces

Please note:

  • Anklets may be worn under baby gros or sleepsuits to avoid being pulled or chewed.
  • It is recommended that the necklace is removed whenever your baby is without close supervision.
  • The seller assumes no responsibility in the wearing of the product.


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