Peaceful Practice with Bernadette King


All massage (except Hot stones) & Reiki treatments:

£35 for 30 mins appointment
£47 for 60 mins appointment
£67.50 for 90 mins appointment

Hot Stones
£60 for 75 mins appointment

Home visits

All the massage treatments listed are available for Home Visits, with the current exception of Hot Stones Massage.

Home visits
Charges are  £65 for one person, £115 for 2 people.

These are also available as gift vouchers

A gift of massage!

massage vouchers

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Massage/Healing treatment vouchers:

Hot stone massage:
£60 - 1 hr 15 mins (75 mins)

Therapeutic massage:

£47 - 1 hr
(60 mins)
£35 - 0.5 hr (30 mins)

These are the fees for appointments at the treatment room in East Greenwich, as well as the Mummies' Massage treatments: Full body massage, including pregnancy massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki or Ayurvedic foot massage.

For 1-1 yoga please visit the yoga page

Vouchers can be sent directly to recepient if desired. Call Bernadette for more details:

020 8853 5944

Mummies massages!

drinking bottle

How would you like a relaxing massage in a home environment? Safe in the knowledge that your baby is nearby, with familiar faces around to look after her/him?

You and a group of mums can book me and my healing hands for a minimum of 90 mins. All I need is a seperate space to set up. I can then massage each mummy, whilst friends take it in turn to look after the babies.

Each treatment can be for either 35mins or 1hr.

Sound like a good idea?

More details...

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Contact Bernadette King

To either discuss or book a suitable treatment please contact Bernadette on:

020 8853 5944


Spiritual workshops

Spiritual Workshops

Visit Spiritual Workshops - spiritual workshops and tours by Christine King, an experienced course leader and holistic counsellor.

Rosella Creations

Rosella Creations

Visit Rosella Creations for sound healing, mandala art, talks, workshops, life guidance readings and more...

Yoga, Massage and Reiki with Bernadette King

Massage & healing

Massage testimonial

“I have been coming to Bernadette for massage for a chronic condition and I know she is very skilled, dedicated and committed to her work.

In addition to her skills in massage work, she has practised a number of other techniques on me in the areas of holistic or alternative therapies including Reiki,  relaxation techniques, exercises and Indian head message.

She has shown to me she is very knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending her wholeheartedly.”

Quick links to the different types of massage & healing offered by Bernadette King:


Therapeutic massage

This treatment incorporates acupressure, reflexology, neuro-muscular and Reiki techniques.

It can help a variety of conditions and is very successful in improving sleep, PMS, arthritis, hypertension, nervous conditions, muscular pain & tension, digestive ailments and more.

It improves respiration & circulation, indeed all body systems benefit from this treatment.





Reiki testimonial

“In 30 years as an osteopath and founder of a natural health centre, I have known Bernadette as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. She is just about the best I have met.

Bernadette's reiki work has helped me personally in my recovery from breast cancer, during which time I have not had to resort to surgery or chemotherapy.

9 months ago I was told I needed a radical mastectomy and now when the surgeon examines me, he says he cannot be sure what he is feeling - if anything! Thank you Bernadette!

Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is translated as universal life force and is an ancient healing system, which is said to have originated in Tibet several thousand years ago. It became known in the West in the 1940's.

The client remains fully clothed for treatment and can either be seated or lying. The treatment involves using a range of hand positions either on or just above the body in order to promote healing on every level.

The energy will flow wherever it is needed most. It is a very effective system and most clients tend to enter a state of deep relaxation.

Treatments can help with very many conditions, including stress, anxiety, migraine headaches, Gynocological Health issues, Tumours, recovery from surgery and also support emotional healing.




Indian head massage

Indian head massage
This treatment has developed from the traditional Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda. The client remains seated for this treatment, with a towel around the upper chest.

The treatment includes a range of massage strokes on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head & face. It is an ideal treatment for people who are more comfortable in a seated position (older clients, limited physical ability, pregnant women) or whose main areas of tension are in the upper body & head.

Indian Head Massage improves blood & energy flow to shoulders, upper back & neck. It can alleviate tension headaches, poor sleep, high bp, mental fatigue & stress. It also improves the immunity and concentration.  This makes it an ideal treatment for "computer related pain & tension". It improves the flexibility & mobility and there is a reduction in blood pressure, mental fatigue, pain, anxiety & tension headaches. Concentration and immunity improves and the treatment can help to regulate periods. Clients can opt whether to have oils used in the hair or not.

1 hr treatments are available. Clients may also be given a few yoga techniques to practice to help their condition. Some clients opt to have a one-to-one yoga session & finish with an Indian Head Massage.



Pregnancy massage

Further information

Download an information sheet by Bernadette on the benefits of pregnancy massage:

Pregnancy Massage treatments Word Pregnancy Massage treatments PDF

This treatment is very popular. Pregnancy can be a time in a woman's life when various "ailments" arise-such as poor sleep patterns, cramp, blood pressure changes, heartburn, sciatica, anxiety & fear, to name a few!

Some women are fortunate enough not to experience much in the way of ailments and instead relish the opportunity to let go & enjoy some "me" time. It incorporates all the techniques used for a regular full body massage and lots of supports are used during the treatment to ensure that the client is at her most comfortable.

Each consultation also gives the client an opportunity to express herself in a supportive environment and because of Bernadette's wide and lengthy experience as a pregnancy yoga teacher she can offer techniques to help alleviate most conditions or to advise about diet, lifestyle, etc.



Ayurvedic Foot Massage (padabhyanga)

Ayurvedic Foot MassageAyurveda is India's ancient holistic healing science and is more than 10.000 years old. The term Ayurveda consists of 2 words Ayu-life and Veda-science.

Padabhyanga Is significantly prominent in the field of preventative medicine, yet also helpful in the treatment of illness.

It is one of a broad based set of tools for healing, which takes into consideration different body types or constitutions, called Doshas. It is by balancing the 3 doshas of an individual's constitution that health is maintained

Padabhyanga adresses the following:

  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Helps prevent sciatica
  • Aids foot health-alleviates pain, improves muscle tone and nourishes the skin
  • Helps maintain eyesight & hearing
    improves cramp and circulation
  • A modified sequence is beneficial to babies from 3 months old in order to maintain the balance of the doshas

Feet provide the connection of the individual with the Earth energy via grounding. There are many nerve endings in the feet which eminate from organs in the body. Via massage these nerves are strengthened and health can be restored to many parts of the body.Integral to Ayurvedic practice is the stimulation of certain marma points on the feet and legs in order to either release or dispel stagnant energy or to stimulate or energise.

Treatments are performed whilst the client lies back or up on a massage couch, fully clothed but with feet and lower legs accessible. A small bronze "Kasa" bowl is also used in the massage routine as well as hands. The treatment takes around 1hr to complete.



Hot / Cold Stones Chakra massage

Stone massage is thought to have originated in India & China over 3000 years ago. In Native North American traditions, basalt stones have been used for centuries for healing, protection and ritual purposes.

Hot stones massageAs with all other treatments offered, a detailed consultation takes place to ascertain the most appropriate treatment and combination of stones for each individual.This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetics or for those on blood thinning medication. For medically controlled high blood pressure or epilepsy, GP clearance is recommended.

The use of stones of various temperatures, sizes and  composition can be used to treat a number of common complaints. Hot basalt stones are used to expand blood vessels and relax muscles, thuse enabling a deeper treatment. A combination of deep compression, passive stretching, joint mobilty and acupressure may be used to enhance flexibilty and circulation, and balance energy.

Cold marble stones may also be used for inflamed areas in order to constrict blood flow to certain areas. Cold stones also stimulate the nervous system and increase lymph flow It is a good treatment for sports injury related issues as it can help to facillitate recovery.

Sometimes both hot and cold stones are used simultaneously, either for placement on the body or used for massaging. Larger stones are placed on major energy centres (chakras), in order to improve energy flow. Crystals are also used for this purpose.


Benefits of using hot stones

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for this massage treatment.

A full 75 min treatment costs £60

If you want to discuss this or any other treatment before booking please feel free to email me or call: 0208 853 5944

The benefits for hot stone massage are an invigorated nervous system and local circulation, elimination of cellular waste and debris, due to physical, mental and emotional strain, facilitation of deep relaxation, heightened awaremess and energy block release, a geneeral feeling of well being in body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of using cold stones

Blood oxygenation, reduction of production of tissue damaging chemical, reduction of inflammation, release of body's natural painkiller, increase of blood flow to viatl organs, creating a readjustment in the body, triggering rebalancing.



Magnified Healing

Further information about Magnified Healing is coming soon. For any enquires please email

Mummies massages

Please contact Bernadette if your group would like to enjoy a mummy massage morning or afternoon. It is often difficult for mums to have daytime massage treatments, especially if breastfeeding.

Bernadette can come to a group at home and offer full body massage, indian head massage & Reiki in a room nearby whilst other mums in group take turns to care for each baby. This is a great solution to the often complex arrangements that need to be set in place before and even, if, you get the chance to treat yourself and your aching body to some TLC just for you!

Each treatment can be 35 mins or 1 hr, with a minimum number of 4.

Treatments on offer:

  • Full body massage (1hr)
  • Full back massage (35mins)
  • Feet, hands and head massage (35mins)
  • Indian head massage - shoulders, upper back, neck, head & face (35mins or 1hr)
  • Reiki (35mins or 1hr)
  • A combination of any massage treatment and Reiki (1hr)

Fees: £35 for 30 mins | £47 for 1hr

Mummy & daddy massages
Evening home visits are available - 2hrs:

Fees: £65 for 1 person or £115 for 2 people. These are also available as gift vouchers.

To book, please contact Bernadette:

Tel 020 8853 5944 Email


Baby massage: individual or group tuition

Baby massage home visits are short courses for adult carers & babies up to the pre-crawling stage, although baby massage can continue well into early childhood, once the techniques have been learnt. For further information, please visit the Pre & post natal page.

Bernadette offers these short courses to either individuals or groups in their own home. Please contact her for full details if you want to arrange a course for yourself & your baby or your group:



The treatment room is located at:

Cancellation policy

Once an appointment has been booked, a minimum of 24hrs notice of cancellation is required otherwise you will be charged.

Ageless Beauty
148 Trafalgar Rd, Greenwich,
London SE10 9TZ - View map


This is next door to Tesco Express. Free parking is available for 2 hrs on nearby side roads.

Fees: All massage and Reiki treatments £47 per hour.

To either discuss or book a suitable treatment please call Bernadette on Tel 020 8853 5944 or


Telephone 020 8853 5944




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