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1. I want to start pregnancy yoga classes but have no experience of yoga, does this matter?

It's fine to practice pregnancy yoga regardless of any previous experience. As long as your teacher is aware of any ongoing health issues as well as those associated with pregnancy or whether you have had a history of miscarriage.

2. When should I start/stop practicing pregnancy yoga?

It is generally advisable to let the pregnancy establish before starting-i.e. around 12 weeks. There is no upper limit on practice-as long as you feel able and enjoy it.

3. Why pregnancy yoga? Isn’t a regular class just as beneficial?

There are a number of yoga postures & techniques which are, or will become, contra-indicated as pregnancy progresses & some yoga teachers prefer not to have pregnant women in their classes because of this. Pregnancy yoga is a specialised field & it makes sense to find a teacher qualified in this as the techniques learnt can be related specifically to labour. Many women who attend regular non pregnancy classes feel they have to sit out on alot of the class. Also pregnancy yoga classes mean you will be meeting others in the same situation so it can be a good social connection.

4. Why postnatal yoga & not a regular class?

A woman's body takes time to recover from both growing & giving birth to her baby. Ligaments are still loose, especially if breastfeeding, so it is easy to overstretch & therefore weaken these ligaments. Birth can result in low back conditions, SPD can still continue if present during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women also continue to lose blood (lochia) for some time after the birth. Others may have had a Caesarian delivery and are, therefore, recovering from major surgery. Add to this broken sleep and the other physical, mental & emotional demands of caring for a new baby & possibly older sibling(s) and it becomes clear that a regular class is not meeting the mother's needs. Mum & baby yoga creates a chance to recharge & strengthen as well as a mutually supportive, relaxed environment with a teacher who understands the safest & most suitable, beneficial way to practice.

5. I want to start a general yoga class. What do I need?

You need an empty stomach and empty bladder. If you are diabetic you might want to bring a light snack such as a bar if sugar levels are likely to get very low. You need loose, comfortable clothing-so nothing belted, buttoned or zipped. Yoga is practiced in bare feet. Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, ability, etc. A competent teacher is able to teach students with a wide range of both ability and limitation. You will need a non slip yoga mat, a firm cushion or yoga block, yoga belt (optional) & possibly a blanket to cover up with during relaxation.

To purchase a good quality yoga mat or yoga belt please visit the Products page.

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